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The B-Dry® System Wet Basement Waterproofing Process has been proven to be so unique and so effective at eliminating basement leakage that it was awarded a 1966 United States Government Patent!

The B-Dry® System Wet Basement Waterproofing Process has been time-tested for over 54 years and in over 300,000 homes nationwide. The B-Dry® Waterproofing System is backed by a warranty which lasts for the lifetime of the structure.

After knowing that more than 300,000 homes across the nation have been waterproofed with the B-Dry® System, you can rest assured that you have picked the best waterproofing company.

We will not only waterproof your basement, but we also do other work to repair a wet or flooded basement. We will repair the cracks in walls, reinforce bulged or bowing walls, window well drains and remove a faulty French drain. With the quality of our work and our products you will be well protected from any water leakage.

A Network of more than 45 authorized B-Dry® basement waterproofing businesses nationwide are trained at installing the B-Dry® System. Click on our FREE ESTIMATES button to find an authorized B-Dry® Basement Waterproofing Business near you.


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