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About Us

The Shirley K’s product line has a long history. It began with Shirley Knight who was part of a family owned business called The Fabri-Form Company.

Shirley’s career began in education, and as a thermoforming manufacturer she saw an opportunity to help educators organize their classrooms and thus developed a product line of storage and organizational trays. At this time there are over 200 products included in this line. The application of these totes and trays continues to serve the educational market and has also expanded into residential, medical, food handling, and industrial environments.
Jack Knight

John Knight, Shirley’s son, resides as CEO of Shirley K’s, while his daughter, Carrie Matheney serves as President. Together they have taken Shirley’s product line and transitioned it into its own LLC continuing the family legacy business.


Stroage Trays
Support Panels
Compartment Trays
All-Purpose Totes
Food Handling
Stack & Nest Totes
Divider Tote

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